30 Minute Masssage - focuses on a limited time frame in a specific area.  Customized to fit your needs.

60 Minute Massage - allows for a full body massage or working on a specific area for the time allotted.

90 Minute Massage - provides a thorough massage for the whole body.  Most relaxing and therapeutic,
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​Massage Selections
Deb Massey Massage Therapies
Sinus Cleansing - an Aveda Signature treatment  relieves pressure on the sinus cavities.

Salt Scrub - Aveda Soothing Salts along with massage oil is applied to the body to exfoliate dead skin cells.

Smoothing Body Polish - a replenishing scrub to exfoliate and rehydrate the skin to be as smooth as silk.

Reflexology - massage dedicated to the meridians in your foot.  Provides relaxation throughout the body.

Hot Stone Therapy - is an add-on service to provide smoother and equal heat penetration to the muscle.
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